Our Planning and Property Management team assists in facility planning for sustainable and profitable space utilization. GIS Specialists collect spatial information to develop tailored management plans and systems that integrate into your daily operations. We build bridges between your existing Data Base Management Systems for more efficient decision making.

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Our Services

  • Real property inventory and inspections

    NRI experts conduct physical inventories and system updates to validate existence and completeness of real property assets to ensure the application of consistent business practices across the customer’s inventory.

  • Space utilization management

    We are trained to collect, maintain, and manage various space management systems that provide visibility to floor plans, maps, imagery, and readiness data consolidated from multiple sources. The data we collect, update and correlate between different platforms allow better strategic-investment decisions, space optimization, and cost savings.

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Facility Utilization Survey

Facility Utilization Survey

NRI provided our customers with accurate graphic and non-graphic survey records of facility utilization data, post processing in GIS/CAD and final implementation into existing databases.

ePRISMS technical support

ePRISMS technical support

Our team carried out an extensive field verification and data collection for more than 10 million square feet across various locations in Europe. The project also included updating the floor plans and maintaining respective modules in the ePRISMS database.

General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) updates

NRI has performed numerous projects connected with physical data collection, folder and documentation preparation, and GFEBS data updates to maintain accurate real property records.