At NRI, we assist clients in environmental planning through a lens of sustainability. Our experts develop future scenarios and model significant economic, environmental, and social risks associated with every project. We help our customers to achieve environmental compliance goals while increasing efficiency, improving customer and shareholder relations’, and encouraging staff involvement. We conduct field studies and surveys to assure continued compliance with legal regulations and requirements.

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Our Services

  • Threatened and Endangered Species Management

    NRI provides all necessary expertise, equipment and supplies to assess, monitor, and map endangered species and their habitats. Availability of such data simplifies and streamlines the environmental impact analysis process to facilitate the management of resources. These efforts are necessary to evaluate long-term impacts on the existing vegetation and fauna conditions in accordance with (inter)national laws.

  • Vegetation and Erosion Control

    We utilize geospatial technology to monitor the vegetation and soil conditions in open areas so that vegetation encroachment and erosion problems can be managed efficiently and effectively. We employ a combination of field studies, scientific research, and remote sensing/photogrammetry data analysis to gain the best insight into the study area and propose the best solution for our customers.

  • Natural Resource and Habitat Management Plans

    We specialize in conducting studies that identify, evaluate and inventory significant natural resources. In relation to those resources, we recommend and prioritize management actions and develop applicable legal compliance strategies. Our environmental specialists prepare long-term planning documents intended to guide your organization in the management and stewardship of natural resources while protecting and enhancing resources for multiple use, sustainable yield, and biological integrity.

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Monitoring of Endangered Species

Monitoring of Endangered Species

As an example of endangered species monitoring, our experts perform field surveys and evaluations with various approach and equipment. Our customers introduce extensive measures to preserve and promote threatened and endangered species and to optimize their habitats. NRI acquires data on the local populations, and patterns and rate of development their populations.

Forestry and Tree inventory

Forestry and Tree inventory

NRI forestry and environmental experts execute field work such as forest stand and damage analyses as well as urban tree inventories and safety assessments. Our team collects vital information including species, measurements and environmental conditions.


Range Training Land Assessment

Our field experts provide Range and Training Land Assessment (RTLA) assessments focused primarily on erosion and watershed stability verification, with ground cover/bare ground assessments aided with remote sensing analyses. RTLA projects are carried out at various locations in Europe.