Our information technology services offer a complete range of capabilities for optimizing resources. We help transform complex data into actionable information, aiding informed decision-making. NRI IT services support sustainability by utilizing information to meet evolving requirements.

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Our Services

  • Application development

    Our team is dedicated to understanding customer needs and creating strategies to develop well suited applications. We have experience in creating customized solutions in many environments.

  • Technical on-site support

    Our engineers provide technical training and IT support ranging from hardware, back/front-end and software recommendations to full service technical implementations.

  • Database modeling, development, and management

    The NRI team provides innovative database solutions. Whether optimizing existing databases or developing new products tailored to the customer’s needs.

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Historic Information Access Tools (HoH Viewer)

Historic Information Access Tools (HoH Viewer)

NRI developed a historic information access tool (GIS WebApp) to display and access historical geospatial information . The web-based GIS access tool also functions as a mobile application.

AWP Tracking Database and Reporting System

AWP Tracking Database and Reporting System

NRI developed the Annual Work Plan (AWP) manager database that integrates all aspects of project management to include maintaining data to track project planning, approval, prioritization, funding, design, acquisition and work accomplishment.