The NRI team has a wide range of experience with all types of data. We provide on-site support with our technicians to create, maintain and manage geospatial systems. Our GIS experts implement user-friendly applications tailored to both international and local standards. We ensure GIS data are accurate, complete, and correctly formatted to fulfill all customer requirements.

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Our Services

  • Geospatial data creation and maintenance

    Our experts create, manage, and maintain geospatial data necessary to support the customer’s mission. That includes, but is not limited to, conversion of existing geospatial data from various raster (digital/paper) or vector formats, data collection through aerial and field surveys or ground-truthing, remote sensing/ photogrammetric feature extraction, implementation of external data sources and file types while ensuring full interoperability.

  • Geospatial data visualization and standardization

    NRI creates cartographic products to support planning, management, operation, and reporting requirements. We deliver maps in digital file format, high quality print, and formatted for Internet/web services. To streamline the visualization process, we prepare standardized products in the size, scale and extent specified by the customer. With a long expertise in map creation, NRI follows best practices for data visualization and adheres to long established standards.

  • GIS training

    NRI carries out training in geospatial software and best practices covering the official policies, guidance, procedures, and standards in any given industry. Training is delivered on site (or at NRI Headquarters) as a workshop, demonstration, or tutorial, but might also be delivered as webinars or training videos, depending on the customer’s specific needs.

Explore our Projects

GIS, Real Property and Environmental support

GIS, Real Property and Environmental support

On-site services in GIS, real property and environmental data management and analysis for public works departments at various locations around the world.

Facility and Utility Study

Facility and Utility Study

NRI provides surveys of facility utilization data with complete real property reports and subsequent integration into geodata infrastructure.

Aerial imagery and terrain data collection

Aerial imagery and terrain data collection

NRI coordinates and conducts flights to obtain LiDAR data and aerial imagery of selected areas. We deliver flight plans, processing specifications and final products ready to be utilized.