TES Project grazing plan
Hohenfels Training Area
  • GIS Map of Vegetation Layers

T & E Species Monitoring, Maneuver Area

Natural Resource Innovations GmbH (NRI) provided services in natural resource management and training support. The work under this task order consisted of gathering data and making recommendations in support of construction project planning and approval and reactivating open maneuver areas. Specifically, surveys were conducted to collect data in the subject matter areas of TES management, Natura 2000 land management and military land management.

The NRI team was responsible for mapping and assessing encroaching vegetation that restrict access to current and historic training areas so that restricted areas can be reactivated. The data gathered in this task order is essential to providing decision support capability based on the integration of training requirements, land conditions, range facilities, and environmental management requirements.


Environmental Management of Training Lands

Analytical Assessment of Natural Resources

Preventative and Corrective Land Management

Educational Materials of Range and Training Land Assets

Geographic Information System (GIS) Services and Aerial Imagery/Photography and Remote Sensing

Geospatial Information System (GIS) Services

Site map updates
Infrastructure management
Environmental and natural resource management
On-site tech support services



Vegetation encroachment problems


Biological LRAM prioritization


Accessibility & sustainability of land