Aerial photo

ITAM Aerial Imagery

NRI coordinates and conducts flights to obtain aerial photography of JMRC Hohenfels in Germany. We collect and analyze data as part of these aerial imagery surveys to provide the information necessary to track changes in training conditions and identify damage, which may have occurred throughout the training areas, forested areas and supporting infrastructure. The aerial photography survey includes the total training area, including MOUT sites and cantonment areas. The photographic data is processed and the resulting products are delivered in digital and print format for the assessments and planning process completed by the installation staff.

Aerial Photography Survey

We execute aerial photography surveys with a ground-pixel resolution, and convert the digital RGB-photographic data gathered into geometrically rectified and radiometric corrected digital images (ortho-rectified photos) and image mosaics.

Project Services

LiDAR post-processing

Aerial Imagery Acquisition

Photographic data Processing

Metadata (INS, GCP, sensor parameters, flight protocol)


Analytical Aerotriangulation (AT)

On-site quality assurance/control of GIS deliverables