• Real Property & Environmental GIS

GIS Mapping Support – Real Property and Environmental

Natural Resource Innovations GmbH (NRI) provides on-site services in GIS technical support and environmental data management and analysis to the Public Works Division (PW) at USAG Kaiserslautern. Under this Task Order, the NRI team is responsible for mapping and verifying the locations of facilities, infrastructure, environmental constraints and natural resources. The data gathered is essential for decision support capability based on military mission requirements, facility infrastructure, project planning and environmental management requirements.

The data collection efforts, recommendations and reports required as a part of this task order are heavily dependent on close coordination with all branches of the garrison PW staff, as well as those with DES and DPTMS. NRI coordinates with the staff to ensure GIS data and inventories are accurate, complete and correctly formatted.


Environmental Management of Training Lands and Natural Resources

Analytical Assessment and Inventory of Facilities and Infrastructure

Preventative and Corrective Land Management

Educational Materials of Range and Training Land Assets

Geographic Information System (GIS) Services

Aerial Imagery/Photography and Remote Sensing

Geospatial Information System (GIS) Services

site map updates

infrastructure management

environmental and natural resource management

on-site tech support services to the USAG Kaiserslautern PW