• USAG Wiesbaden

Facility Utilization Survey - USAG Wiesbaden, Germany

In scope of this project, NRI provides for the development and update of a Facility Utilization Survey (FUS) in USAG Wiesbaden. NRI provides the Garrison with accurate graphic and non-graphic survey records of facility utilization data.  The data collected and updated for each facility are category code (CATCODE), Unit Identification Code (UIC) and asset net and gross areas with required capacities. The major tasks include a comprehensive amount of field work, post processing GIS/CAD and final output in a geodatabase.

Services Provided

Data Collection & Verification

  • Perform site measurements to correct, complete or verify all existing FUS data for the buildings listed
  • Survey of building features (interior facilities)
  • Gather room measurements, category codes, UICs, unit name, unit description and assigned space type
  • Verify users and usage of each room

Information Processing

  • Modify/create FUS data as georeferenced and normalized CAD data
  • Geo-reference existing CAD and floor plan data
  • Convert CAD into GIS data and integrate into SDSFIE format.
  • Modify/create database for space usage and reporting with GIS layout and hardcopy output

Data Analysis & Reporting

  • Identify existing usage in accordance with Real Property reporting criteria
  • Complete reports of on-site survey findings
  • Generate floor plan and building layouts