• USAG Stuttgart

Facility and Utility Studies - USAG Stuttgart

NRI developed and updated a Facility Utilization Survey (FUS), which includes facilities and infrastructure. We provided the Stuttgart Garrison and IMCOM-Europe with accurate graphic and non-graphic survey records of facility utilization data with complete RPI reports, allowing for updates of the corresponding GFEBS records. The data includes facility category code (CATCODE), Unit Identification Code (UIC), net and gross areas with capacities in accordance the guidelines outlined in the Technical Criteria. We constructed reports for smooth workflow updates, outlining the requirements for the GFEBS data records. The final deliverable was presented in Bentley MicroStation V8 design files, ESRI ArcGIS File Geodatabase, PDF digital files and hard copy plots.

Services Provided

Data Collection & Verification

Visually inspect building to verify CAD floor plans. Perform site measurements to correct, complete or verify floor data for the buildings, if building layout deviates from CAD.

Information Processing

Modify/create FUS data as georeferenced and normalized CAD data. Modify/create database for space usage and reporting, including GIS layout and hard copy output.
• Generate georeferenced and normalized CAD design files
• Incorporate FUS space data into CAD design files
• Import CAD floor plans and FUS data into GIS
• Create building and floor layouts in GIS

Data Analysis & Reporting

Identify existing usage in accordance with Real Property reporting criteria. Complete reports of on-site survey findings and exceptions as compared to data reported from GFEBS. Include simple workflow documents to allow Garrison to update GFEBS records, showing deletions and additions required for each facility discrepancy.