Get Efficient Results

no need for large investments in software, data or training
The NRI geospatial team has a wide range of experience with all types of data. We provide on-site support with our technicians to create, maintain and manage geospatial systems.
Our GIS experts implement user-friendly applications tailored to both European and International standards. We ensure GIS data and inventories are accurate, complete and correctly formatted to fulfill all requirements.

Our GIS Services

  • Field studies and GPS surveys

  • Aerial photography and satellite imagery

  • Remote Sensing

  • Analysis of spatial data

  • Digital elevation and terrain models

  • Land Encroachment assessments

  • Cartography

  • Geospatial collection and management

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    Why Use GIS?

    GIS information and spatial analysis helps you to visualize and understand

    your data for more informed decisions.

Our Software
Our GIS experts use Esri’s web-based and desktop GIS software allowing the client to utilize critical data for dynamic management solutions.
Esri ArcGIS

On-Site Technical Support

  • Tailored on site training in the use of Esri ArcGIS
  • Development of custom GIS database applications
  • Data Conversion and Implementation
  • Set up of standard GIS systems
  • Collection of GPS field data

What Our Clients Say

  • ”Thanks for giving the DPW folks a very good overview about the capabilities and use of ArcGIS for the different DPW Divisions. NRI covered most of the basic information which are important to start to integrate GIS into normal DPW business.”
    USAG Wiesbaden DPW Master Planning Division – 2007
  • ”I just want to tell you that the support and training we received from NRI was outstanding and helped us to improve the GIS within the Division and the DPW and enhanced the GIS standard of knowledge of all each person working with GIS in the Environmental Division.”
    Environmental Division USAG Grafenwoehr DPW – 2007
  • ”I would to take this opportunity to thank everybody for making this training available to the staff; with GIS we will have a powerful tool available at our fingertips. THANKS A LOT for the great support!”
    DPW US Army Garrison Wiesbaden – 2007
  • Your excellent briefing inspired us in moving forward with our GIS initiative…Thank you for your excellent support in providing training and setup of our GIS for the Environmental, Engineering Services, and Operations & Maintenance Divisions.
    DPW, U.S. Army Garrison – 2006
  • ”The NRI Staff in the Department of Public Works has been instrumental in getting the various map products ready for print and distribution. NRI routinely executed quick turn around times and executed exactly as requested. If it were not for NRI, we would not have been able to get these products out within the required time frames.”
    USAG Rheinland-Pfalz

Our GIS Projects