Value-added Sustainability

Coupled with Environmental Compliance
At NRI, we assist clients in environmental planning and development through a lens of sustainability. Our experts measure future scenarios and manage significant economic, environmental and social risks associated with every project.
We focus on mitigation alternatives that optimize our clients’ economy.
NRI’s experience in natural resource management and policy makes it possible to offer a complete array of superior environmental services.

Our Environmental Services

Our environmental management system helps organizations achieve environmental compliance goals while increasing efficiency, improving customer and shareholder relations and increasing staff involvement. We conduct studies and surveys to assure continued compliance with diverse regulations and agreements as well as measure the public health effects of developmental and environmental policy.
NRI works to conserve and recover listed species and their habitats. We collaborate with our partners and clients to maintain functioning ecosystems and successfully conserve and restore land and water habitats for a variety of species.
We utilize geospatial technology to monitor the vegetation conditions in open areas so that vegetation encroachment problems can be managed efficiently and effectively.
  • Shrubs

    TES Habitat Construction and Shrub Clearance

  • Soil erosion close up

    Erosion Control and Sedimentation Studies

  • Heart shaped leaf water management

    Vegetation Management Plans

We have expert ecologists and botanists with experience in ecological studies and analysis of natural resource data.
  • water drop

    Water Monitoring

  • swamp landscape


  • "Gemischte Fläche" am "Große Reinigungsteich" von Paul Schulze, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Lizenziert unter Creative-Commons (CC-BY 4.0), Link zur Lizenz:"

    Biotope inventories and characterization

Our extensive experience in the development of environmental assessments covers both the public and private sector:
  • NRI Team out surveying Hohenfels

    Environmental Assessment and Impact Statements

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    Integrated Natural Resource Management Plans

  • small white bird at water edge

    Endangered Habitat and Species Management Plans

Cascade Creek mountain, forest, river view
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Our Environmental Projects