Stewardship of Military Resources, Property & Information Technology

NRI has more than 20 years of experience supporting the mission of the United States Army throughout the European garrisons. Our staff of planners, scientists, IT specialists and engineers, have valuable insights on the unique issues facing the U.S. Army in Europe, concerning land and facility management, as well as Host Nation regulatory requirements and restrictions.
The NRI staff provides an extensive background of knowledge from fields such as real property management; environmental engineering; architecture; geospatial technology; and surveying and mapping.
Our expertise and familiarity with military operations and business procedures makes NRI a complete support entity for the US Army, providing innovative plans and solutions to installations and training areas.

Architecture & Engineering

Extend Facility Life-Cycle and Improve Utilization of Land & Resources

Our multi-discipline engineering and architectural services offer our clients a smooth transition from initial site studies to design, construction and commissioning of projects. NRI collaborates with our clients to solve engineering and technical challenges to construct and commission project development cycles.
Our engineers and planners create innovative construction approaches and techniques to include cost-effective pre-engineered facilities. We ensure that design themes are consistent throughout specified project areas and comply with Army Installation Design standards.

Engineering & Architecture Services

  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Value Engineering/Cost Estimating
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Land & Site Planning
  • Site Development
  • Water Management

Master Planning

Sustainable Installation Management Plans

The NRI Master Planning team supports the Army mission and objectives of a sustainable master planning process through detailed and wide-ranging development, operations and management. Our team delivers installation-specific and headquarters-driven planning and guidance for future installation development. NRI approaches development plans holistically and collaborates with installation staff to deliver total asset principles. We generate objectives within our comprehensive development plans that seek to conserve land and natural resources, as well as multiply the longevity of the facilities.
Our team’s local and innovative approach for sustainable land and resource management and planning is accomplished with our acquisition, studies, management and planning of geospatial data, real property inventory, environmental elements, utilities and facilities and construction initiatives. Our services support economic efficiency, quality of life and environmental stewardship throughout garrison communities. NRI finds creative solutions that most efficiently use installation assets, while adhering to basic master planning principles and the Army’s Master Planning and Programming process.

Sustainable Planning

Area Development Planning

Facility Standardization & Plan-based Programming

Short & Long Range Component Plans

Asset & Risk Management

Regulation and Implementation Plans

Our Expert

Master Planning Support Services

  • Geospatial Information Services (GIS)
  • Surveying and Mapping
  • Facility Utilization Surveys
  • Site Utility Surveys & Assessments
  • Sustainable Development
  • Energy Management and Utility Infrastructure Planning
  • Environmental Studies, Management & Compliance
  • Real Property Inventory (RPI) Management
  • Facility Requirements & Planning
  • Stationing Installation Plans (ASIP)
  • Capital Investment Strategies (CIS)
  • Planning Charrettes
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Infrastructure Assessments
  • Planning & Design Manuals


Development & Planning in Concert with Environmental Considerations

NRI manages environmental restoration, conservation and quality within the Installations and Training Areas. We ensure protection of natural, cultural and historical resources, and energy conservation, while considering socio-economic factors.
Our environmental specialists enhance wildlife and habitat management strategies and reduce encroachment of environmental issues on military operations.
NRI maintains a highly-qualified team of environmental scientists, engineers, and geologists who can successfully prepare documents, perform environmental investigations, assess impacts, document findings, obtain permits, and develop and implement mitigation.

Project Highlight

Habitat & Species Management

Invasive Species Management, Restoring Degraded Ecosystems, & Habitat Creation / Restoration

Conservation & Protection

Energy Conservation Assessments & Plans, Pollution Reduction Plans

Natural Resource Management

Conservation & Encroachment  Management

Surveys, Studies & Assessments

Environmental Assessments, Impact Statements, Constraints Analysis, Historical Surveys & Range Installation Compatible Use Zone Studies (RAICUZ)

Investment Plans

Ensure Success Throughout a Project's Life Cycle

Our consulting expertise includes cost-management services across project life cycles to reduce client risk, improve value and deliver positive outcomes in all sectors of facility planning. We work together with the Installation Leadership team and the Corps of Engineers to achieve viable developments that capture client objectives through value-driven and efficient designs. Our extensive experience and specialized knowledge of the installations and building types provide our clients with accurate assessments of cost implications for specific site requirements.

Map icon construction design detailed models

Infrastructure Analysis

We provide fence-to-fence analysis of current infrastructure systems for existing facilities and known programmed facilities.
clipboard icon construction design site plans

Requirements Analysis

NRI identifies the proper requirements and alternatives for resolving deficiencies and excesses in installations.
Cash Register Icon Construction design smart budgets

Planning & Design Charrettes

NRI facilitates a ‘buy-in’ for procedure of funding for a project with the Installation Leadership and the Corps of Engineers.

Aerial Photography & Surveys

Acquire, Elevate and Rectify Spatial Data

NRI experts acquire, evaluate and rectify aerial and satellite imagery, digital map features and elevation data. We manage and execute airborne LiDAR (laser scanner) surveys; process LiDAR Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Digital Surface Models (DSM), multi-spectral imagery and on-site ground survey data sets; and produce spatial data for the Sustainable Range Program and Public Works Division staff.
Our team accomplishes remote sensing based classifications of land cover, Natura 2000 areas, sinkholes and topography. We oversee quality control and management tasks for spatial data, metadata and spatial databases.

Project Highlight

Site & Utility Survey Key Services

  • Collection of Digital Aerial Imagery, Aerotriangulation and Compilation
  • Large and Small Scale Photogrammetric Production
  • LIDAR, DEMs and Contours
  • Digital Orthophoto Generation
  • Planimetric Mapping, Profile and Cross Section Surveys
  • Conventional and GPS Ground Survey Control and Topographic Surveys
  • Cadastral Surveys
  • Site and Utility Surveys
  • Land use and Land Cover Interpretation
  • Digital Classification from Remotely Sensed Data
  • Geospatial Data Products in SDSFIE

GIS Services

Visualize Information, Analyze & Make Better Decisions

NRI develops and manages customized geospatial mapping support for the U.S. Army Installations and Training Areas. Our Geographic Information System (GIS) and computer aided design (CAD) technology services are heavily relied upon for installation planning, development and facility management.
We create and manage digital representations of installation features, including road networks, building footprints, as-built drawings, utilities, environmental resources and constraints, and surrounding areas. We produce readily available data in standardized formats and in an authoritative data source (ADS). NRI supports the U.S. Army Installation Management Command business processes and the mission requirements. We enhance installations’ Area Development Plans through data used to optimize facility utilization, energy efficiency and environmental management.

Project Highlight

GIS & CAD Services

  • GIS and CAD Management
  • Asset Management
  • Database Services
  • System Development Services
  • GIS Solutions
  • Geo-database design and optimization
  • GIS Training